We were born a nation of immigrants.  Is our future to be one of emigrants?

Yes, once many flocked from around the globe to the nation with streets paved with gold…opportunity.  Now, in the global economy with many new, successful, and competitive nations that is changing, and changing fast.  We are all too aware of our loss of manufacturing, a shrinking base of consumers with less disposable incomes, and the off shoring of too much of our signature labels, of which Apple is only one.  We are equally aware of the corrupt actions of Wall Street and the most recent great recession.

There was a time when corporations watched their performance beyond the next quarter and stock options.  There was a time long ago when market share could have a small circle drawn around it, and growth was decided not only by understanding but being sure of when and where to move.  Then market share became regional, and hopefully national…with dreams of global.  There was a time when “what’s good for GM is good for the nation.”  That has all changed and most probably will never be seen again.

Today, few if any corporations are fully concerned with the American market.  Growth is in the emerging global markets,…markets that have intelligent, educated, and being educated populations that are happy to work for wages that in America would be starvation wages.  The development of a growing consumer market here in America is sacrificed for the profits to be made from not only manufacturing overseas but also the explosion of the overseas consumer markets.  Here in America corporations are stifling the growth of the American consumer market, with non living wages.  They see America as only a small part of their future.

NAFTA cost America almost 700,000 jobs and now corporate America wants TPP; regardless of the cost to Americas citizens, as long as it promises and delivers more profits to the 1%.

Unless we wake up to the need for a growing, well paid, healthy and well educated populace…a modern and productive infrastructure, a nation that understands the complexity of global weather change and pollution…a nation that is ready to give up on fossil fuels for electric energy and leave the carbon buried…our grandchildren and most certainly our great grand children will be moving somewhere else for opportunity.

I certainly hope that the Republican desire to cripple our first black President for the last six years will not have given us this sad future.  I hope that the far right will realize that taxes are required for a civilized and well structured nation from sea to shining sea,   For that to happen corporations must pay their fair share of taxes for being housed and protected here…no more G.E. tax evaders, no off shoring of private wealth to avoid supporting the Nation that flies their flag.



There are just too many of us, nationally and globally to keep meaningfully and gainfully employed.  Even in China they are calling for economic stimulus.  In Germany there are demonstrations over immigrants, for a variety of reasons.  All corporations since day one have always worked to reduce labor force and its incumbent costs…there are no job creators only job eliminators.  Unions are considered a curse on profits.  Off shoring for profits is  becoming a necessity.  Technology; from the first assembly lines to self checkouts are designed to reduce the labor force.  Technological advances in the past gave us the Luddites who broke up machinery to protect their employment.  Renewable energy is a two edged sword; we save the planet and  many tens of thousands in the oil, gas and goal industries loose their jobs…it is not impossible that they will see Solar Energy Farms and Wind Farms as the enemy.

A very large part of the currently employed are in retailing; whose futures are at great risk to the growing trend for purchasing on line.  E readers and computers are putting the print industry at even greater risk.  I can not think of one form of employment that is labor intensive, growing.  If it is growing it is growing profits, by reducing labor costs.

Nigeria is in the throes of demonstrations against austerity programs. Mass migrations are taking place globally as millions seek more opportunity and or safety; thus increasing the demand for jobs in a shrinking job market.

In the midst of this there are demands, rightly so, for a living wage…while the 1% refuse to see the injustice and serious threat, when the top 85 richest individuals in the world have as much wealth as the 3.5 BILLION poorest.  Their power of wealth is enough to buy and control the world, unless the world reacts in a strong and aggressive way to end the wealth gap; chaos is the future.   Narrowing the wealth gap is a survival necessity.

On a much smaller scale the corporate rulers seem to be blind to the need for a population with a growing disposable income…which would enlarge the market they all want a piece off.

This multi billion run a way population is also the prime reason for increase in crime, health costs, pollution, the shrinking source of potable water (while fracking endangers what we have), global weather changes, infrastructure needs, national, state and local operation costs…of every kind.  Individuals and corporations want to pay less taxes in the face of this need.  The government seems to have no problem in letting companies like G.E. pay no taxes…and they are not alone.

Where do we look for solutions, what will those solutions look like, can they be accomplished other than on a global scale?   Who has the imagination and the sincere concern to even mention this problem.  Those individuals with tens of billions, currently show no interest in being part of the solution, since reduction and redistribution of wealth is a necessity; but alone, it is not the answer.

Our current national, economic, and cultural structures as well as world wide can not solve this impending chaos….without major changes in vested interest….we are all in the same single sinking ship and it can not be saved in pieces.  The solution does not even have a name yet.

This is reality folks, we better wake up…perhaps it is already too late.




It is time to stop using the words liberal and conservative; and shift to progressive and regressive. Liberals are labeled as socialist sloppy thinkers; conservatives as wise and prudent…both of which are more than misleading. As a progressive I see actions which move the nation forward in complex times when survival and equity can no longer be ignored. So called conservatives are neither wise nor prudent, nor conservative; driven by greed and the power of wealth…rather than conserving the planet for future generations they are determined to destroy it for todays selfish needs. Renewable energy is free of conservation needs; where as mis-named conservatives are determined to pollute with non-renewable resources; which can not be seen as a conservative action, while accomplishing nothing that renewable energy can not accomplish…and accomplish without the global down sides of fossil fuels.



The world is in the throes of a global mental breakdown.  From Burma through Mexico and the U.S. to the Middle East to China and everywhere between.  Sectarianism, ethnicity, religion , race, nationalism and culture conflicts…without an answer.  But, it has ever been so…it is time to realize it must change before it is too late.  A world government would be the worst choice.  Not mutual destruction but mutual survival.  It will require unimaginable co-operation and compromise.  For the U.S., the Congress is where it must start.



When will we finally abolish the statement “we must make sure this never happens again” and, replace it with “it must never happen”?

When will we require regulators to do their job, protect the public, not cover up for those they are meant to regulate?

Why are corporatists allowed to destroy the only planet we have and any hope for a future for our grandchildren?

Why do we allow a vested interest SCOTUS?

Why do we talk endlessly of the political revolving door, and do nothing?

When charged language works (fascist) why do we shun it?

Why does anyone vote for hypocrites.  “The influence of money on politics must be eliminated…what…who said that”?

Why have we allowed compassion and empathy to become four letter words?

How can there be intelligent people who actually say the Constitution and the Founding Fathers did not insist on separation of church and state?

Who decided that there are legal and just ways to limit voting rights?



The conservatives, unlike the progressives have nothing constructive to say.  Knowledge is their enemy and they use every venue to eliminate or limit it. Science is an anathema, religion is a fact, facts and truth must be buried under a hill of lies, Fox News is fair and balanced, prayer rather than study in schools, privatize schools and have Texas smokeless book burnings, the KOCHS spend billions on propaganda to grow their corporate fascistic STATE… ending Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid… limit the liberal vote and damn the Constitution.  Every positive step that has been taken to improve America’s standards of living must be turned back…end the forty hour week, no week ends off, no paid sick days… end the minimum wage, more hours, less pay…end child labor laws, put and end to unemployment compensation, eliminate overtime,  eliminate the FAA, FDA,CPSC, anything designed to protect the health and safety of Americans.  What do they want: Less taxes on the rich, corporate inversion to avoid all taxes, transferring the financial burden of  maintaining the nation to the middle class, subsides for oil, and farming.  The KOCH firms get more than 88 million in Corporate Welfare and millions in Obamacare subsidies.  Everything for the 2%; the rest, what ever they can not keep from us.



Citizens United and the KOCH brothers cabal to influence elections with the billions at their disposal is the greatest threat that democracy in America has ever faced. When the SCOTUS FIVE let loose those billions they set in action a new criteria and imbalance to the voting structure of the nation. Congress must reverse Citizens United by a strong Constitutional Amendment that removes the power of dollars over the power of the sum of individual votes.